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Скачать руководство ryobi 3404

Описание: Скачать руководство ryobi 3404
Имя файла: rukovodstvo-ryobi-3404
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Press Specifications Press Equipment and Accessories
Number of Colors 4 Standard Equipment
Printing Speed 1,500 – 7,000 S.P.H.
• RYOBI Program Inking A3-Size Portrait Format 4-Color Offset Press with
Local conditions, ink, stock and printing quality required will affect the
• Image area ratio data calculation function
Built-in Direct Imaging
maximum printing speed.
• Cooling device for imaging unit and control unit
Max. Paper Size (W x L) 340 x 460 mm (13.39 x 18.11") • Ink roller t

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High Printing Quality From an Offset Press Mechanical Configuration 7 1 77 2 10 2 1 RYOBI has packed the 3404DI’s compact body with a host of outstanding printing features. Incorporating RYOBI’s unrivaled offset 2 printing know-how, it features a highly reliable, robust design that yields high printing quality and promises a long and productive 2 service life. 7 3 3 4 4 Compact Design Based on a Unique 5 5 Paper Travel Cylinder Arrangement 6 The 3404DI uses a satellite V-shaped 5-cylinder system

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Get the Fast Speed of Digital with the High Quality of Offset Printing The RYOBI 3404DI—a digital offset printing system that embodies the new fusion of prepress and press—is destined to become the unchallenged leader in the short-run color printing market of the 21st century. The digitalization of prepress and the penetration of the Internet have brought about a dramatic increase in presses capable of accepting original document data submitted for printing directly from the client or designer.

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An Ideal Work Flow for Digitalization Advanced Digital Technology To Boost Productivity The rapid transition of prepress operations to computer-based digital From prepress directly to the press—direct imaging technology from processes and the spread of the Internet have made it possible to send Presstek incorporated into the RYOBI 3404DI makes it possible to original document data directly to the printer over ordinary telecommu- completely eliminate the need for analog intermediate processes suc

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Unmatched Versatility The RYOBI 3404DI is capable of flexibly handling a wide variety of paper types and inks, and offers unmatched versatility. It can handle many types of printing, ranging from pamphlets and presentation materials to postcards. Wide Variation of Paper The RYOBI 3404DI can accommodate a wide range of paper sizes and stocks to match the printing job—from smaller-than-postcard size of 90 x 100 mm up to a maximum 340 x 460 mm, and thicknesses from 0.06 mm onion skin to 0.3 mm card

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User-Friendly Operation Thanks to Automation The RYOBI 3404DI is loaded with automated processes, from plate advance and imaging to making color adjustments— operations that once required high levels of experience and skill. Its user-friendliness ensures that even operators with little experience can achieve quality printing in a short period of time. Simple, Straightforward Centralized Convenient Control from the Operation Stand Auto Print Function All major operations for the RYOBI 3404DI are

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